Saturday, January 26, 2008

My Introduction to Luke Houghton

I promised I would share which Luke Houghton post was the first I read. The title of this post links to it. In part, what impressed me most immediately about this post, in the first few words, was the almost casual way he shrugged off the reader's preconceptions. In this way, it calls to mind the brilliant beginning of Diderot's Jacques le Fataliste.

Bloggers of the world, you have about 2 seconds to retain and augment my interest. So far, none has succeeded as effectively as Luke. Of course, in part that is due to my own state of mind at the time. But the immediacy of the connection is largely Luke's responsibility, whether achieved by contrivance or the mysterious operation of a spark of genius.

Once he'd grabbed my attention, he had to deliver! And he did. The ideas weren't the best I'd come across that day, but they were worth reading. There is no need for a detailed critique. You now know where to begin. Begin!

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