Thursday, July 05, 2007

Requirement Questions

My original post to the Portland Pattern Repository appears to have emerged unscathed (as at the date of this post). Comments here or there much appreciated, of course.

What are the benefits of meeting the requirement (or the consequences of not meeting it)? [Value]

Is the purpose of a required feature documented? [Purpose]

Who is accountable for the organisation's achievement of the stated purpose? [Owner]

How might the extent to which the requirement is met be ascertained? [Measure]

Who is interested in the extent to which the requirement is met? [Stakeholder]

What is the business context within which the requirement should be met? [Context]

Within what timescales should the requirement be met? [Timing]

What risks are associated with the requirement? [Risk]

Does the requirement have a single purpose? [Atomicity]

What is the immediate 'parent' requirement? [Parent]

Does meeting all the 'child' requirements equate to meeting the requirement itself? [Complete]

With what other requirements does the requirement conflict? [Conflict]

What requirements (other than its parent) does the requirement support? [Support]

What are the underlying assumptions? [Assume]

Why has the requirement been documented? [Motive]

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