Thursday, July 05, 2007

Stakeholder Value Trade-offs

I've been thinking quite a bit recently about "knowing when to stop" or, at least, pause. My Seilevel post (title link) addresses this in a particular context from a theoretical perspective, and also suggests that practice differs from theory.

My current thinking is that this sort of low-level decision is a stakeholder value trade-off even though it is rarely treated that way in practice. Stakeholder value trade-offs are a special case of value decision or what I call value decision deltas.

In this context, a "delta" is a change rather than a dendritic multifurcation. The connotations of the latter, and the implication from calculus in the former of infinitesimal changes have influenced my settling on this term.

I have written an elucidation of the following, but for the time being, let it stand on its own many feet:

The level of “decidedness” is optimal (for the time being) when all positive and negative decision deltas have non-positive risk-adjusted net stakeholder value.

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